Buying a First Pair of Skis as an Enthusiastic Intermediate

The right skis can help make a great day in the mountains even better. While beginners and occasional skiers often do well to rent, those who are becoming more serious about the sport should almost always look into buying a pair of skis. Doing so can be the best way of learning the ins and outs of a particular model and becoming a better skier in the process.

Nordica skis for sale cover the entire range of what most intermediate and improving skiers will be looking for. While there are certain models in the manufacturer’s line that are designed specifically for especially advanced, athletic skiers, many will suit a much broader range of potential buyers.

A Few of the Most Popular and Accessible Options Among Nordica’s Current Skis

The various skis of the NRGy family fall into this group clearly and by design. Most skiers today do best to buy and own so-called “all-mountain” skis that are designed to handle a variety of different conditions. From velvety groomed slopes to abrupt bumps or soft powder, the various NRGy Nordica skis are meant to emphasize versatility above all else.

Even so, however, buyers still have ways of customizing their particular choices. As with more or less all skis today, the several NRGy models are available in a variety of lengths. While a skier’s height, weight, ability level, and style will tend to suggest a particular size, personal preferences can inform this choice, too.

NRGy skis are also available in four different widths, with each of these models varying from the others in ways that help support its particular stature. The narrowness of the NRGy 80, for example, helps make it quicker to move from edge to edge, and the ski’s designers have incorporated other features that build on this benefit. With the wide NRGy 100 being a natural fit for powder, it is only appropriate that the ski should flex a bit more generously than the others in the family.

Affordable and Accessible Skis for All

Skiers therefore have some interesting options to look into as they consider buying a first pair of Nordica skis. While some will be happy to pay retail prices for the latest models on the market, there are also good ways of saving money.

Some retail stores, for example, will sell at deep discounts lightly used Nordica skis that have been employed as demonstration models or as part of rental programs. With options like these making it easy for just about anyone to find a highly suitable pair, buying a pair of skis can be an especially rewarding decision.


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